Roller Glide Corner Finishers


In 2018, CanAm took the drywall finishing world by storm with these patented Roller Glide Corner Finishers. As the original inventor of the “flusher-style” corner finisher, the addition of stainless bearings makes corner finishing even easier, and has launched this tool into global popularity.

Here are some reasons why professionals around the world love CanAm Corner Finishers:

  • Smooth Gliding – reduce effort and increase control with CanAm’s patented Roller Glide Runners, which eliminate “chatter” and glides over protruding screws and wet tape on flats
  • Minimal Sanding – CanAm flushers help achieve a near-perfect finish, every time, with little to no sanding required
  • Premium, Durable Stainless Steel – specialty sourced and meticulously crafted to achieve just the right flex, finish, and maximum longevity
  • Hand Tuned Finish – we take precision to the next level.  Every blade is inspected and calibrated multiple times before leaving our facility, so you get the same, amazing result, every time, all the time.
  • Ergonomic Design – our innovative ball-and-socket design provides superior control in corners, access from any angle, and allows for quick and easy tool switching. Hear the famous “CanAm Click” when used with a CanAm handle.

Like all CanAm tools, our Corner Finishers are proudly backed by our Lifetime Performance Policy.

Some advantages of using “flusher-style” corner finishers:

  • Cost Savings – flushers are 1/3 to 1/5 of the cost of other corner finishers or angle heads
  • True Troweling Action – CanAm flushers “wipe and feather” joint compound, similar to a hand trowel, creating a seamless transition from apex to feathering tip
  • Tape Friendly – CanAm flushers have a much lower risk of ripping or catching tape thanks to the Patented Roller Glide design and the flexible nature of the stainless blade
  • Remodel Friendly – flushers are very forgiving when angles are uneven or not a true 90°, as often is the case with poor framing or in renovations
    Fewer Repairs and Less Down Time – protruding screws are much less likely to cause critical damage to flushers due to their “gliding” action
  • Quicker 3-Ways – flushers have the added benefit of going further into 3-ways than angle heads; many pros agree that the time spent picking 3-ways is drastically reduced
  • Better Fill – flushers provide a fuller glaze and reduce flashing, especially on the taping coat

Why use a corner finisher instead of hand taping?

50%+ Time Reduction – hand taping only finishes one side of the corner at a time, and in standard practice, is left to dry before finishing the other side
Lower Learning Curve – while every tool takes practice, a corner finisher drastically reduces the time required to learn from hand finishing
Better Finish – a near-guaranteed better result than those new to hand taping

Pro Tip: embed your tape with an Insider Corner Roller to maximize the lifespan of your corner finishers

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Doug S.
I recommend this product


I’ve always only used angle heads, after trying this glazer on a couple jobs so far I’m super super impressed. Light, smooth, cleans easy and gives a nice finish. Super impressed and now I’ll be looking more into can-am tools



  • Allows embedding and flushing at once
  • Trowel, feathering and rolling action
  • Top quality stainless steel blade
  • Durable, efficient design

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2.5”, 3.0”, 3.0” Widetrack, 3.5”, 4.0”, Set

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