NyCor Drywaller Corner Finishing Kit (8-in-1 + Case)


Finish inside corners FASTER with this Drywaller Corner Finishing Kit featuring CanAm and 3WAY – two innovative brands simplifying drywall finishing for everyone!

Delivered in a durable case, this NyCor kit is designed for professional drywall finishers.  NyCor Finishers emulate CanAm’s world-renowned corner finishing experience, including the following innovations:

  • Eliminate Sanding with Precision Feathering Tabs – Reproduces CanAm’s iconic trade secret for a best-in-class, dependable finish.
  • Wave Spring Technology – Patented design ensures just the right amount of stiffness across the entire finisher to create a uniform finish even if your corner is not quite 90°!
  • Nylon 6 – Selected after rigorous testing for smooth gliding and the familiar springiness of CanAm flushers.
  • Springless Socket – Hear the famous CanAm *click* as the flusher is secured onto the handle, allowing you to finish from any angle.

The NyCor FAST Adapter introduces a revolutionary quick-change system, reducing the need for multiple poles and increases your efficiency and profitability.  Use a drywall pole (not included) to quickly change between the following tools:

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After many years in the drywall business, the 3WAY corner has been perfected by its founders. With this innovative design anyone can put in a 3WAY and finish like a pro!  The 3WAY features:

  • Adjustable 90° corner angle (for framing that is just not quite right!)
  • Reinforced backing to cover gaps and drywall board defects
  • Beveled edges to blend into tapes and drywall
  • Perforated edges to ensure bonding to drywall with mud to avoid those pesky call backs for touch ups!

3WAY Drywall Corner Finishing is more durable than paper tapes, no corner cracks, fast, easy, and perfect corners!

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 in