NyCor Drywaller Corner Finishing Kit (6-in-1 + Case)


Roll, finish, AND sand inside corners FASTER with this NyCor 6-in-1 Kit.  Using FAST Adapter Technology, all you need is a drywall pole and you can switch seamlessly between tasks.

Delivered in a durable case, this NyCor kit is designed for professional drywall finishers:

  • For those that have always wanted to try CanAm Corner Finishers, NyCor requires minimal investment for similar performance.
  • For the veteran, NyCor can be used on the toughest of jobs to preserve the life of your expensive tools
  • There is no better corner finisher for training your team!

NyCor Finishers emulate CanAm’s world-renowned corner finishing experience, including the following innovations:

  • Precision Feathering Tabs – Reproduces CanAm’s iconic trade secret for a best-in-class, dependable finish.
  • Springless Socket – Hear the famous CanAm *click* as the flusher is secured onto the handle, allowing you to finish from any angle.
  • Wave Spring Technology – Patented design ensures just the right amount of stiffness across the entire finisher to create a uniform finish.

The NyCor FAST Adapter introduces a revolutionary quick-change system, reducing the need for multiple poles and increases your efficiency and profitability.  Use the NyCor Finisher and Roller Handles to quickly change between the following tools:

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