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Introducing the Accu-Just Flusher

By October 9, 2018August 16th, 2019No Comments

Can-Am Tool Corp. is pleased to present the worlds first patented variable angle inside corner flusher. Built to make your life easier, it will accommodate a much wider range of angles than traditional flushing heads.

This tool will make finishing almost any corner quicker, and easier. Designed with quality in mind the revolutionary hinged flusher is made with high quality stainless steel for unmatched strength and durability. Additionally, this material helps avoid corrosion, or marking of the drywall with rust. It is easy to clean, and comes in 2½”, 3”, 3” wide-track, and 3½” sizes.

We invented the flusher, and Can-Am Tool Corp. continues to provide the industry with innovation and improvement of drywall flushers. Most flushers are only designed to handle 90° inside corners, leaving the vast majority of odd angles to be finished by hand, one side at a time.

The variable angle flusher is the only Patented flusher in the world that will finish all inside corner angles between 72° and 135°. Able to adjust to any angle in its range in seconds, this flusher will save you time and energy. Smoothly spreading joint compound on both sides of the angle in one pass, this flusher produces an even, feathered finish. This ensures that each coat goes on without needing excessive sanding.