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Tool Tips

The Semi-Automatic Finishing System

By October 9, 2018August 16th, 2019No Comments

Drywall Finishers everywhere have a system they use to get the job done, be it an individual art form completed by hand, or a team of workers scurrying with noisy mud-pumping finishing tools. And then there are the small contractors – you know the kind. The ones who work for themselves or apprentice their protege, or pair up with another like-minded professional. They focus on jobs to do new houses, renovations, and outsourced work. These are the lifeblood of the Drywall Finishing profession.

Drywall contractors like this greatly benefit from the Semi-Auto Drywall Finishing System. The system lends itself to all the needs that the contractor has:

  • the need to finish fast,
  • to produce seamless corners and joints,
  • and make the tools do the work with minimal effort.

A well trained and experienced Finisher knows the benefit of tools like these first-hand, because Semi-Automatic tools become part of the workflow, enabling the Drywaller to concentrate on the desired finish by choosing the right head they need for each step of the process.


The tools of the Semi-Automatic Finishing System, generally, consist of the following: a Compound Applicator Tube, with an attached Applicator Head designed for the joint type being filled with mud, followed with a corner roller for embedding tape or corner bead, and finally a flusher pole and corner finisher to wipe and feather the mud. For flats and outside corners, a drywall knife is used to wipe excess mud and create a flat, uniform surface.


  1. Mix the joint compound to the consistency needed for the coat you are applying
  2. Draw mud into the Compound Applicator Tube and attach the Applicator Head for the joint being filled
  3. Apply tape and roll with a Corner Roller
  4. Wipe with a Corner Finisher attached to a Flusher Handle.
  5. Let dry and sand if necessary
  6. Repeat for additional coats, depending on the required finish

If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying out the Semi-Automatic Finishing System by CanAm before, now is the time to look into it. Compared to other methods of finishing, I believe you’ll find that this system as a whole is more cost effective, in both the initial tool investment and the time savings. Overall, Semi-Automatic Finishing is easier to become proficient at, in a way that will take longer to perfect without the benefit of such a system.